Churchy Life Media Pre-launch – Content Submission Event

If you’d like to be a part of Churchy Life’s Pre-Launch “Content Call” event, submit your information below.

This is a live event on January 15th, 2022 where you’ll be able to meet and speak with the creators of the forthcoming Churchy Life streaming network for Gospel and Christian entertainment.

You’ll have the opportunity to pitch your pre-existing Gospel/Christian entertainment content for inclusion on our platform when it launches in the Spring of 2022 on smart TVs (Roku, Amazon), mobile devices (Apple, Android), and the web

Please choose the category that best fits the type of content you'd like to present
Tells us a little about the project/content. If you selected "Other" as your category, please describe here as well.
The in-person content call is happening in the Baltimore Maryland area on January 15th, 2022
Uploaded/submitted content does not gaurantee entry into the Content Call event, whether in-person or via Zoom. Uploaded/submitted content does not gaurantee inclusion on the up-and-coming Churchy Life media platform. All content submitted to Churchy Life, LLC remains the property of the respective uploader/submitter of the content. Content submissions will only be reviewed by Churchy Life team members, and will not be used without the express consent of the original uploader/submitter for any other reason.