NEW MUSIC: Sis N’ Lil Bro New Single “Praise Him” – Available Now

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New Hip Hop duo Sis N’ Lil Bro have stamped their mark on Gospel music with “Praise Him” from their album Versatility. “Praise Him” is available now.

Upbeat and joyful, “Praise Him” combines the HBCU marching band with a powerful paise chant.  The moment the track starts, listeners enter a dynamic praise party.  The lyrics discuss the way God oversees and impacts our lives.  Sis N’ Lil Bro has seamlessly combined Hip Hop with the vocal and instrumental background elements. This single is a musical testimony of how God has influenced both artists, “God has taken me out the darkness and put me in the light.”

“Praise Him” will undoubtedly be a hit with young people and individuals desiring a more contemporary Gospel music experience.  Sis N’ Lil Bro are not focused on traditional sounding Gospel music.  This project represents their combined musical versatility and creativity.

Sis N’ Lil Bro hit the national circuit when they were hand-picked to perform with Lecrae, Tye Tribett, and Hillsong Young & Free at a packed stadium of 50,000 screaming fans.  This young and fresh brother-sister hip-hop duo is expected to impact the world of music and entertainment significantly.  Based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, Sis N ‘Lil Bro was birthed out of the vision of their father XROSS (pronounced cross), a Grammy-nominated pioneer of Christian hip hop and president of their family-owned Indi-label: One Way Entertainment.  As active college students, athletes, and artists, Celena Lena and her brother, Tytist, have been individual artists in their own right for several years.

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