THE WARDLAW BROTHERS Release Christmas Single and Lyric Video “SAVIOR REIGNS”

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Most people will agree that family is everything.  There is a unique and sometimes inseparable bond within a family unit.  Throughout the year, families can experience the ups and downs of life, but what holds them together is love for one another and the unconditional love of Christ.

The famed family group The Wardlaw Brothers are bonded together as a family unit and with music and ministry.  Tony, Martin Luther, Jamie, Carl, and Rodney are the Wardlaw siblings from Lyons, GA, who have traveled the globe presenting the Gospel in five-part harmony with the heart and showmanship that compares to none.

The Wardlaw Brothers (TWB5) took Gospel music by storm with their Billboard Radio Chart-topping hit single “Right Now Lord.”  They’ve earned a Stellar Award nomination for their GOD’S BEEN THERE album and a GMA Dove Award nomination for their #1 Billboard Top Gospel Album STAND THERE.  TWB5 recently teamed up with multiple Dove Award-winning Southern Gospel group Legacy Five for a ground-breaking collaboration called “9 Makes Us 1.”

TWB5 is now offering their signature velvety sound on a Christmas song, “Savior Reigns.”   The single is a beautiful Christmas ballad with their tight and lush harmonies complimented by Jamie’s uniquely arranged bass vocal.  TWB5 has also released a companion lyric video for “Savior Reigns” on their YouTube channel.

Watch and Listen to “Savior Reigns”

“Christmas is a moment to reflect and respect the reign of the Redeemer,” says Carl Wardlaw.  “To reign is to have sovereign rule over something or someone.  Beloved, don’t let the harsh conditions and carelessness of this world reign in your life; rather, allow the sovereignty of the Blessed Savior to rule your every intention.”

With the release of “Savior Reigns,” available now on all digital music outlets, the brothers have taken time to reflect on family and the significance of the Christmas season.

Tony “Doc” Wardlaw:  Ah Christmas! ‘The most wonderful time of the year!’  It is a time when the whole world acknowledges the birth of the baby Jesus born in Bethlehem.  Even when others promote division and hatred, Christmas demands all to walk in unity, joy, and love because that Baby Jesus, our Savior, Reigns!

Rodney Wardlaw: Christmas is my favorite time of year! The atmosphere is one of happiness and joy, and people seem to have more cheerfulness.  We see, or experience hate, division, injustice, and at times pure evil throughout the year.  Christmas is a reminder that His love for us still reigns through it all.  The birth of God’s Son, Jesus, is a testament to His love for all humanity!  That’s why it’s so special to me.  It’s a time to reflect on giving and Christ’s love!

Luther Wardlaw:  It seems that throughout the year, there is so much negativity.  Christmas comes, and the atmosphere of love, giving, sharing, happiness, and unity fills the air.  Christmas brings the antidote to the disease of hate because it emphasizes the birth of our Savior, ultimately proving that the Savior Reigns over heartache, pain, death, and the grave.

Jamie Wardlaw:  The meaning of Christmas and our song “The Savior Reigns” are the same. Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus and reflect on the love, hope, and joy that He gives us every day. Christmas should be exciting because the Savior’s love is for everyone!  So, let all the earth proclaim that the Savior Reigns, and He is the gift that keeps on giving!

Carl Wardlaw, III:  Oh yes; it’s Christmas time! I love this time of the year because just when you feel as though the blister of bigotry and the ulcer of unconcern will rule and reign, and that the world is outdone, overwhelmed, and overrun with the fierceness of evil, it is this time of the year that reminds us that good will always overcome evil. May the might and mercy of the Messiah keep you is my fervent plea, in the name of Jesus. Merry Christmas, and Amen!

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