Watch The Candid Docu-performance WILLIAM BECTON: THE JOURNEY Airing Virtually On November 22

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William Becton is a legendary artist who has garnered iconic status in Gospel music. His critically acclaimed #1 Billboard Chart-topping debut album BROKEN (Intersound Records) boasted the Gospel radio block-buster single and R&B Top 40 Radio cross-over hit “Be Encouraged”.

You can join the music trendsetter as he celebrates his twenty-seven-year career in Gospel music with WILLIAM BECTON: THE JOURNEY, a docu-performance that will take you on an intimate journey through the personal trials, victories, and the music legacy of “Mr. Be Encouraged.”

Becton is set to premiere his first motion picture – a documentary performance that was filmed during the height of the 2020 pandemic.  His docu-performance chronicles the journey of the artist who encouraged the nation.

WILLIAM BECTON: THE JOURNEY includes appearances by industry and media guests Dave Dickinson of SiriusXM, Stellar Award-winning Radio personality of Rejoice Musical Soulfood Tracy Morgan, Stellar Award-winning Radio Personality and CEO of Inspired Living Network TV Liz Black, Dr. Antonia McFarland and Dr. Veryl Howard of Faith Management & Talent Casting. They contribute detailed stories and eyewitness accounts of Becton’s artistry and impact on a generation and the world.

The pinnacle of WILLIAM BECTON: THE JOURNEY consists of an exclusive passionate worship experience that will touch the very core of your soul.  This “Intimate Worship Experience” is the climax of the film and Becton’s purpose and goal.

WILLIAM BECTON: THE JOURNEY is airing exclusively online on Tuesday, November 22.  You can reserve your seat for this online experience here.

In addition to his docu-performance film, Becton returned in 2022 to release a contemporary Gospel single, “Worship Him”.  The single personifies Becton’s signature urban sound and innovative production.  “Worship Him” features his protégée Stef (Stephanie McLain), and long-time William Becton & Friends singer Trumond Lee.

“Worship Him” will be available on all digital music outlets Friday, November 25 and is impacting Gospel radio now.

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