Bustin’ Your Head to the White Meat | with Michelle Williams

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This week, our guest is the awesomely talented singer and songwriter, Michelle Williams. As a member of R&B girl group Destiny’s Child (one of the best-selling female groups of all time), and as a solo artist, she’s won several awards, including a Grammy. Recently Michelle was also revealed to be The Butterfly on ABC’s The Masked Singer! In this episode, we talk about Michelle’s churchy life and upbringing in Rockford, Il. She of course shares some hilarious stories about the consequences of doing way too much in a church service.

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Churchy Life is a digital media platform, that celebrates being a Christian, living a Christian life, and everything that comes along with it. The fun, the music, the fellowship, the stories - Churchy Life is bringing it all to the forefront in exciting new ways.

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Mark “M.V.” Oliphant
4 years ago

Michelle Williams hasn’t been here in ATL long enough to establish a notion or conclusion that there aren’t any good soul food restaurants here.
If she hadn’t visited any downtown, SWATS, South Fulton or ClayCo, she need to hersh keep acclimating herself to this locale! FR-FR
Or does she even know what real soul food tastes like…..hmmm