Wess Morgan Releases New ‘Tears’ Single and Official Music Video Today

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Soulful singer and Billboard chart-topping artist, Wess Morgan, is releasing his new Bowtie World Music ‘Tears’ single and video across digital streaming platforms today, Friday, October 14, 2022, through Beatroot Music Distribution. Fans can listen to the new single here and watch the official music video here. The track is climbing the Billboard Gospel radio airplay chart, and currently at No. 24.

The new single reveals the personal and poignant side to Wess’ songwriting, a side that fans have come to appreciate from him. He is fearlessly honest and transparent about tough topics, sharing his own experiences and offering encouragement that God is always nearby to cover us and restore our faith. Writes Wess in Tears:

Worldly life’s gotten the best of me

Feels like I lost everything

I was thinking that I knew what was best for me

Now I’m standin’ here, all alone

Everything that I had is gone

Father, what has become of me

You’ve been real

You said you never would forsake me

You’re my Savior you’re my shield

Written by Rob “Lu E Gruv” Armor, Tyrone Taylor, and Wess Morgan

Wess’ music continues to be his most personal body of work yet because the songs are often about the most meaningful and difficult moments of his life. These last several years have been a time of reflection for the singer, and he muses, “It’s our journeys in life that define us and show us our limitations and barriers, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. However, when we are in a tight place, a crisis, if we can keep pressing we can break the barriers of our limitations.”

It could be his powerful voice, or his refreshing delivery, that makes soulful artist Wess Morgan such a thrill to bear witness to. Or maybe it’s because he has walked a rough path—one that might have made another falter—that makes his music so moving, so unique, and so unforgettable. But one thing is for certain, Wess, by the grace of God, has proven that he is strong, resilient, and one of the most talented and anointed artists of this generation.

“Tears” is available wherever you stream music.

Original article posted on uGospel.com

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